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Children's Author and Artist

Marlene Service started The Beautiful Me Collection in 2014 writing and designing a classic selection of books. These titles have won community notoriety for its positive representation of all backgrounds. 

The Beautiful Me Collection was written and designed by Marlene Service.  In 2004 Marlene qualified as an Early Years childcare professional, before going to university where she gained a BA Hons in Criminology & Sociology and later obtained Qualified Teacher Status.

Marlene is and has always been both an enthusiastic reader & passionate writer. Whilst working with young people and throughout her studies, Marlene noticed and was disappointed by, the severe lack of ethnic minority representation in children's 'Early Years', mainstream literature and the impact it has on self-confidence. 


Every title in The Beautiful Me Collection thoughtfully intends, to break away from the adverse impact culturally bias literature and portrayals can have on the formative years and early stages of childhood.

The Ethos behind every title in the beautiful me collection is to support parents as they Bond, Nurture and Educate.


 " I firmly believe that it is so important for young people to see positive images of themselves in art & literature, this is how we will stimulate and encourage children from all backgrounds to love themselves and others"

The Beautiful Me Collection is registered with the Neilson Book supply chain who run the ISBN and SAN Agencies for UK & Ireland as well as providing search and discovery services for booksellers and libraries.


The Beautiful Me Collection Hardcover books and electronic Kindle editions can be discovered and purchased internationally by everyone involved in the book supply chain trade.


With a place on the shelves of London’s British Library and being available to order from any bookseller has given this brand wide reach of success and is stocked by Amazon, Waterstones, The Great British Bookshop, and over 40 other bookshops.

The Beautiful Me Collection is a brand associated with Excellent Quality, Positive Diverse Representation and Integrity. Every piece is injected with fun, creativity and culture.

Author and  Artist
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