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Why activity books are important? 

The 6 Reasons why Activity Books Are KEY to Child Development

As wonderful as books can be for stimulating the imagination, we have learnt that youngsters need more than that. Children’s activity books are ideal for providing kids with more than just the reading experience that is essential to their later academic strength.

 Improve Concentration

Children find it difficult at the best of times to sit still and concentrate – this can be helped by activity books, they contain tasks simple yet entertaining enough to help increase the period for which they can focus on one thing.

Less Screen Time

Studies show that kids spend 4 hours a day passively watching a screen. And that amount almost doubles on days when weather prevents them from escaping into the outdoors. By encouraging your child to open an activity book, not only will they be far more engaged and focused, but also hugely satisfied after spending the day doing hands-on activities than they would staring at a lifeless screen. What’s more, they’ll be improving skills needed to succeed in life.

Learning Through Fun

By completing fun activities, children learn without even realising it, helping them refine their skills without them feeling any pressure.

Expression of Self

Activity books are interactive and encourage children to draw, think, feel and express themselves on paper.

 Quality Time with your Children 

In this fast-paced digital world, we sometimes get so caught up that we forget to sit down and just have a conversation with our children. Activity books are a great time to become engaged with your child.

More Reading & Improved Comprehension Skills

Reading doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, by encouraging your children to read with fun activity books you’ll be helping them develop good reading habits and superior concentration skills. Children’s activity books help them to develop their reading ability while participating in a range of literacy and critical thinking activities. Their comprehension skills naturally improve as they puzzle out the different steps to complete an activity.

Will you continue to write stories & picture books?
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Marlene Service - "This is not the end of stories but...

I am really enjoying creating activity books and really keen on collaborating  with like-minded people to bring as many as possible to the market. 

The Beautiful Me Collection picture books tell a story with limited words through illustrations.

Picture books are valuable tools for literacy development as they engage children, regardless of reading level, in prediction, critical thinking, meaning making and storytelling.

The Beautiful Me Collection story books take you to another place....

The hope is that our activity books will do the same."